Monday, May 21, 2007

Jack Bauer has no need for urinals nor their cakes

Another season of 24 has come to an end. And once again, I only watched the first two episodes and the final two, and I feel like I missed absolutely nothing
I am sure he killed another 40 people in one day at work, never ate a single dorrito, nor saw the inside of a bathroom. But you got to admire a man that can get from North Hollywood to the far side of the San Fernando Valley in the middle of the day in about five minutes.

I have given up even my high-low standards in looking for a job and am going to settle-like a guy showing up late to a great party because he had to work all night…I am settling for the proverbial fat chick. I have an interview tomorrow with another fucking catering company. Well a side-step is still a step right. So I guess it is time to break out the old catering uniform again…its fun after work when all the girls at the bar want to know why I am dressed like that. Then I tell em why and all of a sudden they’re gone. I gotta learn to not think, not be honest, and just lie.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Its been a while

Yes, oh how I love Staind. Anyways, the job hunt continues if anyone has any hints please hook me up. At this point I am really not that picky. Well, at least as far as I wont work at Starbucks, but only because there are plenty of low paying bad jobs where I dont have to get up at the ass-crack of dawn.

So a guy I knew I high school is now in prison...for what we'll just call internet problems. He got 5 years Federal time, and I honestly don't know what to think. Usually for what he did- I like most, would say lock him up, and he deserves what happens to him. But it being a person I knew (allbeit a lifetime ago) I guess I'm thinking differently now. I've heard two very different stories 1) he just kinda stumbled on to it 2) his computer was loaded with the crap. I'll just never under-fucking-stand.

Anyways, I think I hit a new high-low point in my love life. Girl comes back into life again, now she can't seem to find the time...a week later bare in mind. Go me.

Get fucked

Thursday, April 26, 2007

What is it with me and female bosses?

So I leave my old job because my old boss returned and would be my manager again. Fast-forward 9 months and I finally find another job; but I have the same boss-more or less. Let me give you two examples, of two of the wonderful traits that they share:

1) When being mere seconds away from finishing a task, they both very rudely tell me to hurry up.
2) Whenever shorthanded they tend to disappear right until everything is finally finished and then offer their assistance.

Anyway, the new job is nice. I like the 2 guys that I work with a lot. This time I am the youngest person on the crew instead of the oldest, which is a sweet change of pace. I worked at a house today where a family of four lives that have 3 Range Rovers (in three different colors), a Bentley, a Porch, and a mini-van. Bare in mind there are only 3 drivers in the family.

I finally learned what a Zoobomber is and it is not a cocktail involving Jager. If another person asks me why I don’t have a girlfriend I will officially become a homicidal maniac. Which is worse really a serial killer or a single Saint Louis girl with unrealistic expectations.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today is well...its today

Went on a job pre-interview today with Primerica, and was in and out in less than 10 minutes, and asked to come back tomorrow for a real interview. Seems like a nice enough place to work. But I have been wondering all day since; if I have that inherent- I live and die for money impulse that the two guys who I spoke with today seem to have. But I gotta ask, can you really trust a guy who works in a rather small tight office with his own wife? I just don’t know.

I was reading today that Liz (or as she put it- her friend not her) was having a myspace issue. Basically, her friend (yeah right) made-out with a guy and was wondering, whether or not; he should be moved to the “top friends” area on her myspace list. I laughed out loud at the absurdity of the situation…that is until. Yeah, I too had my own myspace issue later that day; after reading and mocking the one I read on Lizzyshark. Apparently Rocky had been arguing with his soon to be wife, went on to his myspace page-seeing a comment of mine, which I had just left on his page, and then (I assume) went to my myspace page to leave his own asinine comment. This is where Rocky saw that Beth was above him on my top friends. Next, he proceeded to leave me a fucked up message and deleted me. Fuck, I wasn't even in his top friends at all.

When me and him are not fighting over a girl-we seem to be fighting like two girls.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Damn I thought McKay had quit drinking

After reading today, I quickly realized life had kinda turned on its fucking ear. TR and McKay are going at it and I am staying silent. Funny, since TR used to be the guy playing Battle Tanks, drunk on Jack, grinding his teeth, while broodingly wishing the two other underage drunks in the room-would shut the fuck up i.e. myself and Bomac. Or sometimes, the group might have been a mixture of the forementioned; and TR's ex and Tore. I must say, I spell it T-o-r-e because, its just a little gay. Just like Tore-a little gay, but only a little.

Today I went to the job fair. I have been in many a human zoo before-but not like this. It was so utterly pointless...I paid two bucks to be handed a bunch of brochures telling me to apply at a website. Not to mention there was only 8 booths; two of which, had already been vacated.

Oh if anyone knows someone in Marina del Ray, give me a shout.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

My aching cerebellum dios mio

Hello again. Still not too much happening these days…still looking for a job, spending time at the gym, and have been desperately trying to cut down on my computer time. That would be obviously because I have so much free time these days; its easy to spend to much time fucking around on the net. Not to say that I have been spending all my time on the ol’ computer…in the last few months I have made a major dent in my to read list, been keeping on top of my laundry (for the first time ever), and I have found myself reading two newspapers a day.

Dave (Bo) said the other day on his blog, “I have no idea how opinionated became a bad word,” which had me remember a run with a girl at a party recently. I had not seen this girl in several years-fuck maybe it had been an entire decade (its hard to believe that I am old enough to say that). Basically, I asked her out…she said no because I was not successful enough for her. Which at first I got to say, hit me like a fucking white hot freight train. And I must say it kind of hurt the old self-esteem (although my body may made of metal my heart is still fleshy) and then something suddenly occurred to me. It was the most honest, (yet however uncouth) thing a girl has said to me ever. In my entire adult life I have never encountered someone of the opposite sex be so upfront. Suddenly after thinking for a minute about all the bullshit I had heard from girls, the upfront one seemed a bit more evolved or maybe even a step ahead of the rest –fuck maybe even a little hotter than all the rest.

I started to think about what I was told when my last relationship ended, well more to the point, how bullshit it was. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to sound like I regret ever being with her, however a bullshit ending to a great story in a view of hindsight, makes you think about what really ended it. Especially when deep inside somewhere you hate to look; is the hidden fact that you knew all along she had already checked out long before it actually ended.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Stupid and the Grateful

I have heard of this idiotic idea before, on TV dramas and dateline and 20/20 style programs, in many various and asinine connotations. But, according to the Independent Weekly of Adelaide, Australia; like in America; the retards are taking over. A guy who was convicted by Australian court of three counts of endangering human lives, because he was knowingly spreading HIV (for which he had earlier tested positive), by having unprotected sex with women (including his wife and at least two others) who were unaware of his status. He had evidently told his wife he had some form of cancer to cover up his new health necessities.

The experts, who are testifying for the defense, are saying that unprotected vaginal sex with a HIV positive man is "completely safe" (direct quote). Yeah, apparently HIV ain’t an STD…and it’s not what causes AIDS. Currently an appeals judge is deciding whether or not the scientific “controversy” over the issue is great enough to amount for a retrial. In essence, giving this fucker a second shot at freedom. The scientist who testified also went as far to say that she would have unprotected sex with an HIV positive man- “anytime”.

I find myself bewildered as to whether or not feel sorry for the wife. If I saw a bottle of AZT in a girlfriend’s bathroom, I would vanish-like a slutty sorority girl on martini night.

And keep in mind folks the next time that you rinse and spit Listerine was invented as a cure for gohnorrhea, also commonly known as the clap. I just thought I would throw that in there.
All right tomorrow is the big day...Valentines yippie. And we are going to have shitty weather for a truly shitty day. Winter had better end here soon or we're all gonna turn into human tasty treats for cannibalistic children on a hot summer day. If I were to pick what my flavor would be, I would have to say lime.
My only real news today, is that Sunday I tried to call in a favor from a friend of a friend to retrieve my mom’s boyfriends stuff (rolex and all) from the U City police evidence locker. It’s really not that interesting of a story as it may sound, but I feel bad about the way I talked to him on the phone. Seeing as how a guy I’ve known for six years had just had a heart attack-it had been a rather stressful day. So I am sure I might have sounded a little indignant over the phone.
Still, it’s kind of rejuvenating to the ol' spirit to know that there are still people out there who would do a favor for someone they hardly know. (However, then there’s also the fact that it’s very hard to say no to the Sal.) I also have to say something nice about Officer Riley…she gave Mike CPR and saved his life. She has got my gratitude-and his for sure. My mom is thinking of buying breakfast for the whole station some morning. Seemed like a nice gesture, until she told me it was going to be coffee and doughnuts. I believe that is called profiling.